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Outdoor Performance Piece Celebrates Silence

(June 2018) Last summer, when Susan Bickford hosted the performance art piece “(stillness)” at the reversing falls of the Sheepscot River near her home in Newcastle, something magical happened when spectators arrived at the riverbank. They stopped talking. You could hear their happy chatter as they hiked down from the parking area up top and along the woodsy path to the river, their voices growing louder and more spirited as they drew closer. And then when they arrived at the end of the path and emerged from the trees and out on to the open riverbank, they just ... (Full article from June 10th Portland Press Herald by Bob Keyes available HERE.)

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Maestra Kim Diehnelt


The 2018 KISMET Foundation Artist-in-Residence Kim Diehnelt, a celebrated conductor for 20 years, began composing in 2011, “and it was like a switch was flipped,” she said. Now, she not only travels the world as a guest conductor, but also writes music for solo instruments as well as chamber, orchestra and choral ensembles. (Read the full Chicago Tribune article on Kim Diehnelt and other women composers, written by Sheryl DeVore, here.)

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Adriane Herman

From Portland Press Herald writers--Maine artist Adriane Herman, the 2017 KISMET Foundation Artist-in-Residence, uses her art to encourage people and communities to live healthier and more wisely. (Read full story by Bob Keyes here.)  Additional coverage of Adriane's work by Daniel Kany can be found here.


George Mason

The 2015 KISMET Foundation Artist-in-Residence led a class in encaustic painting to artists. 

Gordon Chibroski/Staff Photographer

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