2017 ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE: Adriane Herman

We are very fortunate to have Adriane as a resident artist – she exudes the very essence of The KISMET Foundation’s residency, embedding and becoming a part of the social fabric of our Community.
— Tamson Bickford Hamrock

During her residency with the KISMET Foundation, Artist Adriane Herman brought her investigation into cycles of accumulation and release to Yarmouth in a two month intensive collaboration with students in visual art and poetry at Yarmouth High School, as well the Public Works and Transfer Station, YCAN, and the Historical Society, where Herman organized an "emotional value auction." The Village Improvement Society hosted a talk by Herman about her decade-long investigation into "to do" lists and, most recently, the power of witnessing vis a vis the challenging but often rewarding process of letting go. An Associate Professor at Maine College of Art, Herman occasions opportunities for individuals to offload physical and non-tangible things that may be holding them back by blocking physical or emotional space/s.  

2017 TEACHER-IN-RESIDENCE: Louise Bourne

Louise Bourne’s paintings offer a visceral response to the physical world … Like the paintings of Fairfield Porter, Bourne’s paintings make us care about the most humble yet the most universal of subjects, our everyday lives.
— Suzette McAvoy, Director, Center for Maine Contemporary Art

The KISMET Foundation’s first Teacher-in-Residence, Louise Bourne experimented with students in the Advanced Placement studio art class at Yarmouth High School, hosted workshops and weekend painting retreats at the Artist Cottage.


2016 ARTISTS-IN-RESIDENCE: Benjamin Noyes, Cellist and

Tracey Jasas-Hardel, Violinist  

Classical chamber music can happen anywhere, anytime, and for any reason at all. It doesn’t need to be in concert hall. It should be out and around, teaching and transforming people and places
— Tracey Jasas- Hardel and Benjamin Noyes
ben 317.JPG

Tracey and Ben’s six week residency all embracing with performances at the The Yamouth History Center, Cousins Island chapel, and St Bartholomew’s Church, master classes at Yarmouth High School and the 317 Main Music Center and a private concert at the Sparhawk Mill.


2015 ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE: George Mason

This residency is not a cookie cutter residency…it challenges you to really dig deep into the community, and I like that very much. I am here for a month, but I’d like to spend more time here actually. It feels like we are just getting going
— George Mason

The Foundation's first resident artist, George defined the embedded nature of the residency. His studio door was always open, hosting brown bag lunches, open studios and workshops, and as the beloved  “Teacher-in-Residence” in the advanced placement art class at Yarmouth High School.  He installed exhibitions at the Yarmouth History Center and Merrill Memorial Library where his generous long term loan of his work “Exchange  Pledges” graces the walls.

Read more about George Mason and the KISMET Foundation artist residency in the Portland Press Herald.