Name that Composition

Listeners are invited to absorb the music and create a personal interpretation/”title” by submitting new title suggestions to the KISMET Foundation Facebook page or here on the website between June 1-30, 2018.

The winning title will be chosen by a juried panel and announced in July. Maestra Kim Diehnelt initially called this piece “Yarmouth Time” because it is a reflection of impressions gained during her time as the KISMET Foundation Artist-in-Residence in Yarmouth, from March through May 2018.

In the artist’s words:
“For me, the work has three sections. After a brief introduction (Sunrise), I tried to capture my experience of two Nor’easters - the gusts of wind and snow, leaping waves, swaying trees, shifting winds. The second section is a lullaby. I was thoroughly touched by the warm hearts of the people of Yarmouth and the town motto “Our Latchstring is Always Out.” The sense of caring and welcoming others so moved me to write what I call “The Latchstring Lullaby.” With the third section I tapped into the feel and fun of walking the trails and streets of Yarmouth. Moving through nature along the many walking trails, enjoying the scenes, hearing bird calls, taking in the fresh air and vibrant colors. I called this section “Walkabouts.” During the transition from the lullaby music to this walkabout section, I tried to capture a sound from the Yarmouth sound-scape which was new to me - a lobster boat motor! The walkabout concludes with a colorful sunset.”

The 2018/2019 KISMET Foundation Community as Art program is sponsored by Bath Savings Institution.


Please complete the form below to submit your title suggestion(s). Put "Name That Composition" for the subject line and your suggested title(s) in the Message area, then click the Submit button. The winning title will be announced in mid to late July. Thank you!

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