Adriane is an artist, educator and maverick impresario of an intriguing range of art minded endeavors … and even a bit of a shape shifter.
— Raechell Smith, Curator at the H & R Block Artspace at the Kansas City Art Institute

We are collaborating on a multi-tentacled exploration of cycles of consumption and release emphasizing the power witnessing with:

  • Students and faculty at Yarmouth High School

  • Public Works Department and The Transfer Station

  • Annual Public Works Open House May 20

  • Village Improvement Society - May 2

  • Yarmouth History Center – Emotional Value Auction June 3

  • Bickford Education Center – Brown bag lunch – Lunchtime gelato with the Artist

  • The KISMET Foundation, Artist Cottage and Studio – “Art of Living Fully”—A dialogue with the Artist

  • Merrill Memorial Library – Community Introduction to Adriane Herman – To be Announced

  • Yarmouth Cares About Neighbors(YCAN) and Yarmouth’s Aging in Place initiative—Details to come


During her residency with the KISMET Foundation, Artist Adriane Herman is bringing her investigation into cycles of accumulation and release to Yarmouth in a two month intensive collaboration with students in visual art and poetry at Yarmouth High School, as well the Public Works and Transfer Station, YCAN, and the Historical Society, where Herman will organize an "emotional value auction" in June. On May 2, the Village Improvement Society will host a talk by Herman about her decade-long investigation into "to do" lists and, most recently, the power of witnessing vis a vis the challenging but often rewarding process of letting go.

An Associate Professor at Maine College of Art, Herman occasions opportunities for individuals to offload physical and non-tangible things that may be holding them back by blocking physical or emotional space/s.  Watch for Adriane, camera in hand at Yarmouth's Transfer Station,  where she will cheer Clippers on to increase contributions to recycling in her spontaneous and infectious way.


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